Cold Appetizers

Smoked fish platter (lox, butter fish, semga) 21.95
Lox 11.95
Smoked Semga 11.95
Smoked Butter Fish 11.95
Red caviar 12.95
Shrimp cocktail 8.95
Herring (served with boiled potatoes) 7.95
Cold cut platter (beef tongue, roasted pork, chicken breast) 19.95
Dried cured beef 11.95
Roasted pork 10.00
Beef tongue 11.95
Traditional Russian pork bacon with garlic 8.00


“Kani” salad 9.95
“Sesame Tuna” salad 16.95
Seafood salad (shrimp, crab meat, salmon) 7.95
“Caesar” salad with grilled chicken 9.95
“Olivie” salad (Russian style potatoe salad) 7.00
“Monc” salad (dykon, beef toungue, onions) 8.00
“Hunter” salad (tomatoes, mozzarella, dried beef, mushrooms) 8.00
“Eel” salad (teriyaki eel over the bed of masculine mix) 14.95
“Greek” salad 8.95
“Fresh garden” salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, radish) 6.95
Duck salad (masculine mix with roasted duck breast) 14.95
Assorted pickled vegetables 9.95
Sliced tomatoes with Greek Fetta cheese and fresh mozzarella 9.95
Marinated eggplants 6.00
Eggplant roll (stuffed with with vegetables) 8.00
Marinated shiitake mushrooms 7.00


Borsch 5.00
Harcho (Georgian style lamb soup with rice) 5.00
Solyanka (Russian soup with mix of ham, sausage, pork) 5.00
Mushroom soup 5.00

Hot appetizers

Baked mushrooms with sour cream and mozzarella 5.00
Hinkali (large Armenian dumplings) 6pcs 9.95
Dolma (stuffed grape leaves with beef and rice) 8pcs 9.95
Spicy chicken wings 10pcs 9.95
Meat turnover 2.50
Pan-fried potatoes with mushrooms 12.95
Fried calamari 10.00
Blintzes with meat 2pcs 6.00
Blintzes with cabbage and mushrooms 2pcs 5.00
Buckwheat “Kasha” with mushrooms 11.95
Potato pancake 9.95
“Pelmeni” (Russian style dumplings with meat) 10.00


Broiled salmon in creamy garlic sauce or grilled 15.95
Broiled salmon in teriyaki – mushroom sauce 15.95
Trout (fried or broiled) 14.95
Flounder (fried or broiled) 14.95
Tilapia (fried or broiled) 14.95
Sea bass (broiled or grilled) 21.95
Bronzini (fried or broiled) 17.95
Fried shrimp with cocktail sauce 14.95
Shrimp in creamy garlic sauce or tomatoes spicy sauce 14.95
Shrimp scampi in garlic butter sauce 14.95
Mussels in creamy garlic sauce 14.95
Stuffed lobster tail(with crabmeat and baby shrimp) 21.95
Craw fish (18-20) 39.95

Meat & poultry

Pan-fried Cornish Hen 14.95
Grilled chicken breast 12.95
Chicken cutlet 13.95
Rabbit in creamy-mushroom sauce 15.95
Chiken “Kiev” (chicken breast with herbed butter) 14.95
Chicken breast in mushroom-champagne sauce 14.95
Lamb chops 21.95
Prime rib steak 21.95
Beef cutlet (breaded deep fried) 13.95
Beef cutlet (pan fried) 13.95
Beef stroganoff (beef, mushrooms, cream, onions) 14.95
Pork loin (baked with mozzarella and onions) 15.95
Pork chop “Vienna style” 14.95
Grilled pork chop 14.95
BBQ pork ribs 14.95
Lamb shank 15.95
Foie Gras 21.95

Shish-kebab platters

Chicken kebab (boneless white meat) 14.95
Chicken kebab (dark meat) 14.95
Lamb kebab 15.95
Pork kebab 14.95
Lula kebab 12.95
Beef kebab 14.95

Side dishes

(One side of your choice is included with every main course)

French fries 5.00
Mashed potatoes 6.00
Home-fried potatoes 6.00
Rice 4.00
Vegetables 5.00
Buckwheat “Kasha” 4.00


Tomato juice 3.00
Orange juice 3.00
Cranberry juice 3.00
Pineapple juice 3.00
Grapefruit juice 3.00
Mango juice 3.00
Apple juice 3.00
Mineral water “Borjomi” or “Perrier” 4.00
Soda (cola, diet cola, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Seltzer) 2.00
Soda pitcher 1L / 1.8L 5.00/8.00
Juice pitcher 1L / 1.8L 7.00/10.00
Tea, Coffee 2.50
Coffee “Espresso” 3.00